Freeman Scott

Owner and Master Barber

Started in this profession in 1996.
Master barber scenes the year 2000.
Specializing in customer service an all styles of cuts.
For a multi- cultural customer base.
Men,women, and children of all races. Working with other good barbers along the way has helped to sharpen my skills.
Opening Masters Touch in 2010 with my business partner. Has given me a even greater opportunity to service this vast customer base. That keeps growing and changing everyday. Due to the hard work of my barbers.

T-Man aka Mr. Masters Touch

Man has had a strong ten year career in the barber industry. Specializing in the knowledge of all sorts of hair cut and hair styling.
Also serves as a key component in our instruction process. Work with a cast of good barber in different settings as well as school has honed and shard his sills. At current he is a consultant for Masters Touch Barbershop. His business degree make him perfect for taking on our H.R. needs.

Mr. Mouse


Mr. Mouse has been in the industry for going on two decades. Perfecting his craft and customer service. Specializing in design and cut for all ages of men women and children. Hard working professional with a great attitude towards customers. He himself has a profound effect on Masters Touch Barbershop. With 6 1/2 years faithful service hold it down is his attribute.
Make money by making people look good is his attitude.



Grip has been in this industry for going on five years. That is the same amount of years he has been with the Masters Touch Barbershop team.
Believing in delivering a sharp and timely cut along with a professional appearance. This has helped to build his sizable client list. Under the guidance of myself, T-Man and cosmetology school. He specializes in razor and multi culture cuts and hair styling. Making the shop a great place to work.

J Hawkins aka Cashes Green


Cashes is a veteran barber that has almost ten years as a professional with large number of skills. Also specializing in designs and a variety of hair cuts for men women and children. With an excellent finishing ability to make the customers happy and keep the client numbers rising.
He found a home Masters Touch Barbershop 3 1/2 years ago. After gaining a great deal of barber knowledge working with other older professionals. Here at Masters Touch Barbershop he has excelled to a higher level. By put all his talent on display.

Myke aka Tatt


Tatt a with 25 years of experience was one of the first members of Masters Touch Barbershop. With a great level of craftsmanship and customer service. He has added to the good reputation that Masters Touch Barbershop now owns city wide. Specialize in all the things barbering has to offer for all ages, races, and genders. With a skill set that is second only to himself. Which matured by other professionals and many years of teaching and running his own barbershop. Tatt ability of gaining clients with precision and accuracy. Helping to mode and shape the brand of Masters Touch Barbershop. Make us a stronger team.



Edgert is another one of our long term veterans with over 20 years in the industry. With skill set that puts him in any argument for best in the city. A consummate professional, and prideful craftsmanship with great customer service. Edgert is a new addition but a force to be reckoned with. This is a bad man with the clippers in his hands. Specializing in hair cuts for men women and children of all ages and ethnic groups. With a great attitude and the mind set of a perfectionist. No hairs out of place. No style or type of hair he can't cut with a robotic accuracy to every attempt. Also a formidable teacher in his own right. All this makes for an strong customer list that spans decades that boasts his good service.