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Are you looking for ways to enhance your hair? Stop by Master’s Touch Barbershop in Buffalo, NY to get a fade. A fade is a more exaggerated version of a hair taper. Our expert barbers will cut the sides and back of your hair as close as possible with clippers, then help you decide how much hair you want to keep on top.

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Trust our experienced barbers with your locks

Trust our experienced barbers with your locks

If you’re exploring new hairstyles, Master’s Touch Barbershop is your best choice for trying out new looks. Our professional barbers and braiders have extensive experience:

  • Perfecting popular men’s hairstyles and hair trendsDetermining the best taper, shape and lengthHelping clients decide on how often they should schedule touch-ups
Talk to our barbers about what kind of fade suits your style by calling Master’s Touch today.

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