Fluff Your Afro With the Masters

Perfect your classic hairstyle in Buffalo, NY

Put your trust in the skilled hands of the barbers at Master’s Touch Barbershop to embrace your natural hair or shape the appearance of your Afro in Buffalo, New York. Our experts understand how important it is to take the time to round out the perfect Afro. Rely on us to:

  • Use our knowledge of proper hair care techniques to sculpt your Afro
  • Work with a variety of hair types for both men and women
  • Help train your Afro by controlling its form through expert trims
  • Update your style by adding elements such as a taper or fade

Trust us to keep your Afro healthy and beautiful. Call 716-322-5641 right away to schedule a trim, shape or sculpt.

"Don’t call it a comeback"

The Afro is highly recognized as a hairstyle of the '70s. However, it’s slowly but surely making its way back around. Make sure you’re bringing back the Afro the right way when you visit the pros at Master’s Touch Barbershop in Buffalo, New York.

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